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  Warranty Information

All coded components have a 90-day limited warranty. If you believe that you have a defective part, please call our Technical Support Department at 817-626-9006. We will issue you a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number and obtain other necessary information to assist us in determining the nature of the defect. Be sure to include your RGA #, name, address and telephone number for proper handling.


Write the RGA number prominently on the outside of the shipping carton. If upon performing a complete analysis of the part it is determined that the unit contains a manufacturing defect, AGR reserves the right to repair the unit or replace the unit with a comparable unit.


Warranty will be void if:

  • Any other fluids are used other than power steering fluid. (Do not use transmission fluid or any type of red hydraulic fluids.) Running ATF in the power steering system will damage the high temp viton seals and does not contain enough lubrication qualities to perform with optimum performance.
  • The fluid is contaminated (gray or black in color). The system should be completely purged and flushed with new fluid when installed.
  • The steering unit has been disassembled or adjusted outside of the factory. This includes painted, cracked or damaged cases and broken sector shafts.
  • The threads where the hydraulic lines screw in are stripped, cross-threaded, or cracked. Threads are checked and tested at the factory.
  • Unit  has been abused and as a consequence the unit has been damaged.

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